Kheer / payasam

Kheer is south indian desert without which no celebration is complete. It is made by boiling rice, broken wheat, tapioca  or  varmecilli with milk and sugar. 

It is flavoured with cardomom, raisins, saffrons, cashews, pistachios or almonds.  Here the rice is cooked with the milk so the rice absorbs the milk and you will have rich flavoured puffed rice grains in kheer.

 The addition of sweetened conditioned milk takes this  kheer to a different level. The richness is amazing as it is typically served during a meal or an dessert. 

Veg cutlets

A vegetable cutlet is a spicy, crunchy, delicious and healthy indian fritter made with mish mash of potatoes, carrots, peas and green beans. It makes a perfect snack for kids and adults. 

These cutlets are flat patties with specks of rava or sooji. These are served with ketchup. These can be sandwiched in a burger with salad.

Non vegetarians can also prepare chicken cutlets, fish cutlets etc. These are easy to prepare and taste better.

Batato( potato) vada/ vada pav

Potato vada is one of the most popular street food. Coarsely mashed potato, coated with gram flour batter, deep fried to a crispy golden brown and served up with bread along with chutneys.

It is also called as vada pav as it is eaten with a fluffy soft buttery buns stuffed with a crispy spicy potato bondas.

You can also fill bonda with onion bajjis, potato bajjis and many more of your choice. This makes a meal by itself you can have it for breakfast,  dinner, lunch etc.

Onion pakoda

Onion pakodas are cripsy fritters prepared using gram flour and spices. Onion pakodas are one of the popular indian snacks. Pakodas are made with absolutely many of the veggies. One of the most popular ones are with onions. these morsels are hot, crispy and spicy. Yummy indeed!

Pakodas are made with sliced onions, chillies, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt, chilli powder with gram flour and rice flour. Pakodas are deep fried till they turn golden brown and crispy. 


Sheera or sooji halwa is a great indian sweet made during special occasion. It is  rich, clean sweet made with semolina. Everyone in the family love it.

You can make it in under 20 mins or so. Further you can add almonds, dry fruits,cashews and pistachios etc. To make it more tasty.

Mutton polov

Mutton polov (pronounced as po-lov) is a authentic manglorean dish which is prepared and served on the day of the roce ceremony of ones wedding. This is eaten with bun/pav or bolied rice. This beautiful meat with mildy spiced with a coconut milk base.

Many love this dish because it uses lots of spices. Just simple spices but the aroma from this pilaf is heavenly. I attend roce ceremony only to taste this special dish. All those who have not tried have to try this dish out  If you are lucky enough to attend a Catholic wedding in mangalore. It is best enjoyed with some humble bun.

Chicken tandoori

Tandoori chicken is a prime indian non veg dish on the menu at global level. Here chicken is well marinated with different spices and then baked in an tandoor or clay oven on charcoal fire to perfection. 

Tandoori chicken or any tandoori food are incomplete without the delicious mint chutney. Tandoor chicken is my favourite as it looks yummy and tastes yummy. No one can stop eating with just one piece. Its very good amd hygienic when it is specially prepared at home.


One of the most simplest snacks with very little ingredients which can be prepared with less time and tastes great is ‘tukdis’

Sweet tukdis are deep fried and are short bread cookies and spicy tukdis are thinner  and crispy. These tukdis are deep fried in hot oil till they turn golden brown. This can be served as a tea time snack.

Guliyo / rice marblesĀ 

Kuswar is an ever growing collection of goodies. In most of the traditional kuswar platter guliyo will be mising. when asked people say that since nobody really likes to eat these hard marbles they exclude them.

I always loved guliyo as they have a bite and crunch with milk sweetness that comes from jaggery.  If you have skipped the guliyo from this kuswar platter it is time to put it back on. These lovely  marbles of rice give you an different experience. If they are correctly fried they turn out extremely crunchy. So try them.

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